Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Neighborhood Summer Party

Tuesday we had a fun ward party in a park in our area. We had a potluck bar-b-q, fun loud music, over 200 people to socialize with, and a wet-n-wild time with the banana slide.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Alien Dog

The other night Katy and I had a tiki torch porch night. (You've got to come try one of these with us) We were just kick'n it easy and pondering the greatness while listening to the cool pineapple sounds of Jack Johnson. We decided to break out the camera and try and take some night shots of the house with the moon. We set the shutter to stay open for 10 seconds or so and got some sweet shots of our house during the tiki-fest.

The bright circle behind our house is the MOON.
If anyone knows how to take the pink "burns" out of the picture with this type of photography, do share!
While we were snapping shots of the house, we caught a glimpse of what every sci-fi geek only wishes to see... an alien dog. At first we thought they were the beginnings of some type of green death-ray... then they softened into a light glow. Katy and I are still convinced the alien dog was scanning us in hopes of finding intelligent forms of life..... he left shortly thereafter.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Get'n Getaway'd

We decided to get away for part of the long weekend so we gathered up our gear and headed to the Uintas for an over-nighter. We went up to Jake's grandparents property on the Evanston side of the mirror lake highway. We hiked around Mirror lake, tried our luck at fishing at Trial lake (no fish), and took in the scenic views. I think if I believed in reincarnation, and I died, I'd wanna come back as the Uintah's (is that against the rules?) That's how much Jake likes the mountains.

We thought we saw Sasquatch, but it turned out to be just Ivan. We met him up at the property as he was wrapping up his getaway trip. He was nice enough to let us stay in his trailer (which was much more comfortable than the back of the Xterra thanks!) Overall it was the perfect little trip to get out of the valley heat and enjoy some of Gods green gift to us!

"Get'r Done!"
Mount Baldy behind Mirror Lake
Comfy fish
Pretty view, and the lake is nice too!
This is Jake not catching anything (grrrr)
Home away from home
A little fire action
Katy took this nice photo of wild flowers (their scientific name is "white-ish flowers")
Provo Falls
Catch'n more of nutt'n

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

For the 4th, we went to the Provo Parade. We saw all sorts of fun and patriotic stuff. Most off all we celebrated freedom! Thanks to all those veterans who make the best gift in the world possible for us every day! After the Parade, we wanted to go to Seven Peaks and show off Jake's new bod he's been working on ;) After the parade we quickly discovered that all roads to 7 peaks were closed by the parade route. So we did what any couple of couples would do in this situation... we high tailed it to Red Robin for some grub.
We did eventually enjoy 7 peaks. It was a groovy warm day and our milky white mormon skin was just dying for some reddish hue coloring. Jake was so white that he was asked to take his white shirt off to go down a slide, when he already had.
After 7 peaks, we skiddadled over to Mom & Dad Hancocks (a little late, sorry) and took part in a good ole bar-b-q. We visited and enjoyed the family. We also got to celebrate Christopher Hancocks B-Day! (Happy B-day Chris, and Marianne too!)

Katy's got a monkey on her back!
She likes to move it, move it!
Tom & Liane, kick'n it with wit us!
The Lehi High School Marching Band, Go Pioneers!
And the men who make this all possible, "Tanks" for everything!!!
As they say in Happy Valley "Use the farce"
Liane's having "Ele-fun"

Soccer Lady

Katy is trying her "foot" at soccer. Check out these stellar pics of the futbol chick!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Today was Canada Day! Our neighborhood has a healthy population of our Canadian friends. Each year they have had a neighborhood parade dedicated to Canada's Birthday. The previous years the parade has taken place at 7:00 AM. This particular detail has previously had a converse affect to my taste for the northern celebration. Due to the magnetic attraction between myself and my bed during early morning hours, I haven't been able to experience the delight of the Canadian street show.

This year, to my pleasure, the parade took place in the evening. I was very much impressed at the sheer size of this years procession. There were Canadian flag teams, muscle cars, and even classic cars. No longer will I curse "Hosers" early in the morn on this glorious day, but sing praises to our prestigious poutine partners from the north. Thank you Canada, for all you do.

Look at the picture above in more detail, kind of fun!

Chip was afraid of the fireworks near our house, so he hid in the bushes for 30 minutes :)

We took a little ride up to Silver Lake over the weekend. It's a quaint little lake and a nice place to get away from the city heat and crowds. We did some 4 wheeling and took chip for a walk around the Lake. Jack Russell's are supposed to love swimming, Chip must be some kind of wussy poodle inside, cause he ain't gett'n in that water. We tried to coax him into the lake with a few sticks, rocks and even sour cream and onion sun chips. He would have nothing of it.