Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things that are up with us

We recently gave up the ghost to our old christmas tree and bought a new one. We bought a skinny tree in hopes it would help us with our new years resolutions. Katy decorated the heck out of this thing. It looks like a festival of trees tree hopped up on goof-balls. See pretty pic below:

We attended Jakes work party at the Grand America last weekend. We had steak sirloins, halibut, and pork tenderloins. Katy had enough smoked salmon, if which converted to local currency, could have provided Christmas to a small Chinese village.

We also recently rode the infamous Frontrunner. It was smooth, quiet and kind of fun. It felt like you were on some sort of strange mini-vacation but not really, especially since your travels end in Ogden. Katy liked the mini tables and free WI-FI. Jake was a little disappointed that there were no salted nuts and half-can drinks served. Katy's parents did come to the rescue with some special snacks to keep Jake quiet and occupied during the trip.

Katy went to new moon. She is of course on team Jacob!

She with the many crazy women went to the midnight showing of New Moon. She helped out on team Alice (the character she most identifies with), to plan a convention around new moon. Here are some more pics of the event:

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Christy said...

Your tree is beautiful!! And the pics of Jacob and Alice are too hot for words! ;o)