Saturday, May 8, 2010

AtlAtl 2010 - Richfield Ut

We completed our latest AtlAtl competition last weekend. We trekked to the quaint town of Richfield UT to participate in the Fremont Indian State Park AtlAtl competition. We tossed our hearts out and Katy ended up taking 1st place in the women and Jake took 3rd in Mens. Before gasping at our achievement, keep in mind only 7 men took part and 5 women. Still, not too shabby.

The competition consists of two parts. First, a golf like tournament where competitors toss darts at different distances between a series of around 10 targets, generally 100 - 300 yards apart. The point is to try to get to the target and stick a dart in the target in as few a throws as possible. (A bit like golf scoring) For the second part you are given 5 throws at a cardboard target on which is drawn an animal shape. The more accurate your throw, the less points you are assigned. The person with the least amount of points overall wins.

Here's a vid of Katy tossing an AtlAtl Dart:

One of Jake:

The AtlAtl competition is part of a larger Mountain Man Rendezvous event. We also enjoyed some good food and birch beer sodas at the event.